Scrap Designers Blog Train: September 2021 – Fall Flowers

I’m back! My computer went kaplooey right at the time I was trying to get back into a designing frenzy, of course! But I’ve got it replaced now and I’m easing back into it.  I’m starting out with something simple, a really beautiful palette for the Scrap Designers blog train.  I stuck to what I know, since I’m learning an entirely new design program – my old computer was SO old that my new one won’t run my old software.  I had no choice but to upgrade, and things have changed since the last time I did that! 🙂
Anyway, here’s what I came up with:
Click the image to download, or click HERE.
I’m storing everything on Google Drive now instead of Dropbox.  I’m sorry if that’s a problem, but my family prefers Google and since we have a family plan, I have to go with the majority rule!  As I get time over the next couple months, I’ll try to re-upload old freebies through Google.
Here are the other contributions:

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