ScrapTwist Blog Train: February 2022 – A Visit to the Doctor

I started this one early, thinking I’d make a big bundle.  Then, my mother went into the hospital and my father-in-law passed away so time absolutely disappeared.  But the theme seems appropriate!  This is just a tiny pack of bandages to use on your layouts, but I hope you can use them!

Click the image to download.

Here’s the rest of the train:

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5 thoughts on “ScrapTwist Blog Train: February 2022 – A Visit to the Doctor”

  • So sorry for your loss on the passing of your father-in-law. Praying for comfort to you and especially your husband! & also hope that your mom is better & back home from the hospital! With all that — thank you so very much for sharing these bandaids!! They are a nice addition to all the blog train contributions. Take care of yourself!!

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